Sunday, 18 March 2018

Hi there - I'm a Full Time Student of Seoul National University

Hi. I'm a full-time student at Seoul National University in South Korea. It's my first semester here studying as a regular student majoring in Communications (언론정보학과 for those of you speaking Korean), and I will be here for the next four years or so of my life. However, while I am a new student of this university I am not new to Korea. I've spent time teaching on Jeju Island and also studying Korean language at the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University. But this is the most recent and biggest step of living out here, and possibly the most daunting... getting to this point had ups and downs, and I'm certain there will be more along the way - so I have decided to try and document my journey and experiences through blogging.

While there are emails in English sent around and groups to support international students, I have found that SNU lacks a lot of English information and resources. There isn't a huge body of foreign students that are here full time, and the majority of those who are come from Korean-speaking backgrounds. I expect exchange students can receive important information from their home universities, but I thought perhaps there are people out there like me who went through the whole process solo and experienced some confusion along the way... maybe the experiences I have can help incoming international SNU students, full time or exchange, or even just those who are interested in coming to Korea for studying elsewhere.

I don't know if I will even be able to keep up with this blog regularly, and I also don't know if anybody is actually interested, but hey it's a record of what I've been through so far. My mum will probably read it if nothing else. I want to start with some of the more informative and useful posts but perhaps later on I'll slip some fun posts about exploring Korea or what it's like outside of school.

Open to questions, comments, suggestions anything really
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