Monday, 19 March 2018

Café Olor 카페 올로 ~ 강남 (Gangnam Station) Seoul

Hi from Seoul~ I've decided to make a blog series about cafes in Korea, namely in Seoul. I love coffee, but even if you're more partial to teas or other drinks, you can not skip out on experiencing the cafe culture if you come to Seoul. There are literally endless coffee chains and independently run cafes, and I want to focus my posts on the places you might not have heard of. The first being one I just came back from near to Gangnam station today called Café Olor (카페 올로). 


The pink accents are what I really enjoyed about the design of this cafe. It's quite minimalist and bright aside from those. The stairway up greets you with a chic neon sign, a lot of people take their Instagram photos here! Inside is also a similar vibe, which I think generally reflects the feeling you can find at many places in Gangnam. It's spacious and every time I've been it's not crowded, so you can comfortably talk with friends or just study if you're by yourself. Something you may notice in the upcoming posts about cafes is that I tend to seek places that are aesthetically pleasing rather that being famous for the menu or products... in other words if I can't take good photos there I probably won't be going back.

The interior design allows plenty of space for those in groups or coming solo

Special Menu:

You can get your usual coffee and beverages at reasonable prices here, but if you fancy something a bit different the milk tea is served initially in bags, making it a popular on their menu. It may possibly be seasonal, but there are also a couple of new strawberry milk drinks which I haven't tried. In terms of food and dessert they have a selection of waffles and other desserts such as Tiramisu, if you're feeling a little hungry.

How to get there:

It's really quite easy to find this cafe, simply come out of exit 10 at Gangnam station and walk straight for a few minutes until you see it on the second floor. The entrance is on the side of the building, the door is also pink so quite hard to miss!

You can also check out their official Instagram page @cafeolor_official (though there aren't many posts on there at the moment). If you are on Instagram you can also follow me @Emily_Marysia ~

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