Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Barcelona Diary and Lookbook

Hi everyone, this post might be quite a long one, I wanted to share my pictures and experience from my most recent holiday to Barcelona. It's a really beautiful city, and if any of you get the opportunity to travel there I would recommend you take it! I stayed for five days which was ample time to see a lot of the city - there are a lot of beautiful buildings and things to see, without forgetting of course the delicious foods. I wanted to write a brief recount of each day, but if any of you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! ^^

Day 1

The first day was mostly taken  up by travelling, we flew to Barcelona which took about two hours. I like travelling, and being in airports is always exciting for me - though sometimes the waiting can seem super long. We wandered around duty free, and I ended up picking up a new perfume that I use throughout the holiday and now reminds me of Barcelona! It was already the afternoon when we checked in at the hotel, and we decided to go for a wander around the nearby area. 

Our hotel was very central and there were plenty of places that we could walk to. We actually managed to get down to the harbor walking all the way down La Ramblas. The weather was gorgeous the whole time, and even on the first day I already started to just love being in the city. There's a famous market there called La Boqueria, which is packed with all kinds of food stalls. Unfortunately they don't really offer free samples like many markets in London, but there are plenty of snacks you can buy there for a very reasonable price.

Day 2

We started early the next day, determined to get all the sightseeing out of the way first because there was quite a list of things we wanted to see. A lot of the architecture in Barcelona is super impressive, even some buildings that aren't famous or old can be very intricate and pretty. We of course saw the Sagrada Familia and some other Gaudi works, as well as the Arc de Triomphe which is pictured below. It was an awful lot of walking in the hot weather, plus I developed some monstrous blisters*-* But it was worth the pain, since it's not everyday you get the chance to visit places like this.

We also took a walk along the beach, which if you don't know is incredibly long. It is very pretty, but also crowded in the warm weather. It turned out to be more pleasant to walk around some of the parks in the city, there are a few really nice green areas with lakes and big fountains - although the sightseeing is great, I think it's nice to have some time away from the throngs of tourists.

Day 3

The third day was a day dedicated to shopping, though in actuality I didn't buy a lot. As much as I wanted to stuff my suitcase full of delicious foods and designer clothes, the practicality and funds were a major issue. If you're looking for somewhere that's pretty to wander around and has some more unusual shops and boutiques, head to the Gothic Quarter. There are lots of cute cafes and independent shops, but you won't have much luck if you want brands you recognise. However there are long high streets with designer and high street labels lining each side, so it's worth a look if you've got some cash to splash.

We also decided to visit a big flea market that's held every week in the Encants area, which is close to the Torre Agbar. Although it's not the kind of place you would buy a lot, there are definitely some interesting stalls to have a look at. If you're into antiques and old nick-nacks, you'll be right at home. For dinner we had really delicious burgers at a place called Bacoa that was right outside our hotel.

Day 4

This day was dedicated to wandering around Park Guell, which is another Gaudi work. Although the place is very pretty and nice to walk around, I will say that from a tourism aspect, it's a little exploitative in terms of prices. For starters you can't just go straight into the main park area, you have to arrive and buy tickets for a certain time, just like at the Familia. There are other parts to walk around but there is no artwork along the way. However when you do finally get inside the main area, it is very very small, especially considering what you pay. The artworks are very nice, but it is also crowded and it's hard to take nice pictures due to the floods of other tourists.

In the evening we attempted a trip to the magic fountain, which I really wanted to see. Unfortunately our plans were foiled by an enormous Harley Davidson exhibition right outside the fountain area. It was so busy and loud, plus I looked so out of place among a sea of bearded bikers. Instead we headed back to the rooftop bar on the hotel and enjoyed some cocktails and a nice tapas meal out.

Day 5

Our final day in Barcelona was a Sunday, so certain places were closed. We didn't have any plans, so the days outing was decided at breakfast. In the end we headed towards Barcelona zoo, which turned out to be a really enjoyable day. It's a very big zoo, and thankfully it was pretty quiet all day, which made everything more pleasant. There was a whole days worth of things to see, with all kinds of animals - most of whom were out and about in their enclosures. After we had a relaxing evening and packed up are things to head back the next morning - it was tiring because of how warm it was but even so I left Barcelona with a lot of nice memories and experiences. Spending some quality girl time with my mum was also what made the whole trip so special^^


  1. It looks like you had so much fun on this trip! And I love the outfits you picked for each day :)

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you, yes it was a really fun trip - If you ever get the chance to visit Barcelona I would definitely recommend it! Thank you so much for your comment! ^^ x

  2. Lovely outfits~! I hope you had a fun trip <33


    1. Thank you Alyss~ I had a wonderful time ^-^