Friday, 10 July 2015

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation Review

Today I'm writing this review because I recently invested in a new foundation, so I wanted to share my experience and opinions. I'm definitely not an expert in high end or premium makeup, but I do occasionally splash out if I want to treat myself! I have a few YSL products now, and I really love all of them, and think they're definitely worth the money - plus they look so pretty in my makeup collection^^

I use my Touche Eclat highlighting concealer religiously, and so I was very curious about the rest of the range. I was on the hunt for a new summer foundation so I did some research, the reviews for the YSL one were generally very good. I spent plenty of time searching around for advice about what shade to get, the effect on different skin types and the kind of formula. I really recommend doing this if you're thinking of investing in an expensive product, if you can speak to staff at the cosmetics counter, that is also very useful and they may give you samples!

My Verdict:

My nervousness about buying an expensive foundation disappeared as soon as I put this product on my skin. It's not a product I would use everyday, partially because it's expensive and I want to save it. For summer, I really love the finish of the foundation - it's pretty lightweight but the coverage is definitely buildable for those slightly worse skin days. The thing I like the most however, is the super glowy and bright look thanks to the illuminating formula. Although I like to dust a little powder on my oily T-zone, I'm happy to leave the rest of my skin powder-free because it looks so healthy.

Here is a swatch on my skin, as you may be able to tell it is a foundation with beige undertones. For me my shade is BR10, and I will quickly clarify the way YSL organises the shades. There are a lot of colours, which are split into three categories: B (beige), BR (beige-rose) and BD (beige-dorĂ©), these basically refer to the undertone. DorĂ© means golden in French for those wondering. Within these categories the shades simply go from light to dark, I use the palest shade which I find is pretty perfect for me. 


Perfect glowy finish for summer
♥ Good coverage
♥ Wide range of shades
♥ Luxurious packaging

✗ Pretty pricey
✗ Perhaps not great for very oily skin or those who dislike a dewy finish

Thanks for reading my review, I hope you liked it! Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite YSL product, or any other foundation that you love to use in the summer^^


  1. I have yet to try this one but it looks quite nice for my new foundation taste.
    I used to go for really matte foundations but nowdays I really like the "skin-like" type of product.

    Thank you for your review!
    Take care*

  2. Yes if you enjoy more dewy finishes this one is really nice~ I tend toward matte foundations in winter but for summer makeup I think this YSL one is so pretty^^

    Thank you so much for reading Diana! <3

  3. I've yet to venture onto luxury foundation as well, however I would love to give this a go one day! ^_^

    celly | asian beauty and makeup blog

    1. I hope you get the chance, YSL do really great foundations! I don't usually buy luxury makeup either, but it's nice to treat yourself every now and then^^ Thank you so much for your comment Celly! <3

  4. Woah, I like the packaging! Definitely will try this in the future.

    Please check out my blog, thank you c: | OrijinHeart

    1. It's so pretty right? That's how high end brands sucker you in - luxurious packaging>.< Thanks for your comment Nelly, I'll definitely check out your blog! x