Sunday, 22 June 2014

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Lip Pigment Review

For those of you who saw my recent monthly favourites post, this review should be no surprise to you. I had quite a few messages and comments asking me to review this product because everyone seems to be curious about the brand and product itself. So I hope you all enjoy this review and find it helpful or interesting~ I don't have a lot of experience with 3CE, but I have bought a few things before, all of which I have loved, and this pigment was no exception! Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from this brand before, thanks for reading guys! ^^

First things first, I bought my pigment from Yesstyle, while they had a sale for 10% of all 3CE products. I also shop there often so receive an extra membership discount of 5%. So in the end I paid £9.32, the original price fluctuates depending on if there's a sale, but it's usually around £10. That might seem like a lot for such a little product, and you probably can find it cheaper on other sites, but I like to use Yesstyle because I'm familiar with it, shipping is free on orders over £20 and they stock a bunch of other products/brands that I really like.

But beware, there are so many fakes of these around, so I would avoid Ebay at all costs. There are some listed on there for a few pounds, but they are almost certainly not genuine. There are a few ways to recognize the fakes ones though: If it comes with a little brush, it's fake. If the tube is rounder and longer, it's fake. But most importantly if it doesn't come with the long black sticker that says 'Stylenanda' in Hangul, it's not genuine.

Right now that's out the way, onto the actual review^^ The first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was that this is a very small product~ you can see the size against my hand below (bearing in mind my hands are small too). At first I thought I might have paid too much for it, but people don't lie when they say a little goes a long way. The pigmentation of this is incredible, it's so vivid and bright on my hand and my lips. I picked the colour 'Electro Pink' which is one of the brighter ones, but I am so impressed by the colour payoff. Something I doubt you would get with any knock off products.

The second thing I like about this is the lasting power. I wore this all day at college and it stayed put even after eating and drinking. It's not a particularly moisturising lip product, so I recommend a good lip balm as well. Saying that, I don't find it too be that drying, definitely not to the point that it's uncomfortable. It's also one of the best products that I've tried when creating a gradient lip, I received a lot of questions and compliments by wearing it this way.

I did do some research before I bought the pigment, and as many of you may be aware, one of the unique things about the product is that it comes in many different colours which can be mixed together. Obviously after only buying one colour, I can't tell you if this works or not, but I am really tempted to buy another few to test it out. The only thing I was dubious about was being able to mix the exact same colour twice, like for reapplications. But after trying this one, I don't think you really need to reapply it since it lasts for so long!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Of you ladies who regularly read my blog, there's a fair age range. Some of you, like myself, are teenagers and haven't yet hit the age when you can legally have tattoos, while the rest of you can. I know it's a fairly controversial topic - I have friends who are super against any tattoos due to the permanence and stories about people who regret it forever, but I also have friends who are planning to get inked as soon as they turn eighteen. I wanted to write this post, not because I'm planning to get a tattoo, but I've been hearing a lot about it lately and am curious as to where you guys stand. 

Personally, I don't really like large tattoos. I see some alternative models who suit sleeves or whole bodies full of really bold tattoos - but it's really not a look that I like (not like I have anything against people who do it, it's just not my thing!). However, I've seen numerous pictures circling Pinterest or other social networks of small, dainty tattoos which are becoming more and more of a trend. 

Here's some pictures to show examples of ones that I think are pretty or cute, I'm really interested to hear your opinion on the subject. Do you have/want any tattoos? Or do you know someone who's had it done before? Let me know in the comments, thanks for reading guys! ^^ 




Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Favourites!

Today I'm going to share some of my favourite things from last month with you all. It's not all makeup so hopefully it will be a bit more interesting than my previous favourite posts>.< None of these are sponsored items, and as always the opinions are my own (I wouldn't include something in a 'favourites' post if I didn't really like it!). Thanks for reading guys, let me know what some of your favourites are at the moment in the comments! ^^

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream
Last month I used up my moisturiser that I received from roseroseshop a while back. I really loved it, but it is hard to get hold of, and I wanted to use up some of my other skincare products. This one is Etude House's collagen moistfull cream~ and I also have the serum since they came as a set. 

So far I really like this product, and in just a few weeks I've noticed that my skin feels super soft. It has a pretty runny consistency and absorbs really quickly into the skin with no stickiness. The smell is nothing to shout about, but it's not unpleasant at all. 

Buy the set that I have here for about £14

Mancienne Platform Sandals
I recently bought these badboys from , and they have very quickly become my new favourite shoes for summer. I didn't have any black sandals, and I didn't have any flatforms - so these were perfectly justifiable and a much needed addition to my wardrobe. They're super comfortable and look so cute with or without socks.

Buy here for around £26 (depending on if you have Yesstyle discounts) 

Scrunchies - Accessorize
A trend I have been really into recently is cute scrunchies, they remind me of childhood and are such an easy way to make my hairstyles look cuter. There are all kinds of materials and patterns available all over the internet and high street, but my favourites are pastel coloured ones. I picked up these two from Accessorize, the fabric is really light and feels nice, plus the polka dots are too adorable to resist^^ I have plans to buy more scrunchies in the future, in all sorts of colours and designs! 

I can't find a direct link, but they were £5.00 for a pack of 2

3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment - Electro Pink
Now this is a product I've been eyeing up for months, but never bought because I have so many lip products already, and it was a fair bit of money to spend on such a tiny product. But oh my gosh I'm so glad I bought it! If you don't know, 3CE is the cosmetic range from internationally renowned fashion store Stylenanda (which is like my favourite brand of all time). I will do a full review on this product soon if you guys want, I know many people are curious about 3CE.

Buy here for around £15 (I bought mine while there was a sale on for about £9)

Blush Candle - Lilyflame
 We all love a good candle, and buying a full sized Yankee candle has been something I've wanted to do for a while. But it just adds to the list of expensive things that I don't really need, so I've yet to get one. However, I do like to check out cheaper alternatives, TK Maxx often have a great range of cheap tin candles like this one. I don't even know what scent this is, but it's so girly and relaxing, plus the pink colour matches my room ~ an important factor when choosing candles hehe.

I don't know where you can buy this exact one, and it was a gift so I don't know the price - Sorry!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
 Last month, I was surprised by Sarah from the blog Little Miss Dreamer because I won her giveaway! There was so much stuff and other products that I really love, but I included this BB cream because it's quite well known in the Beauty blogger circle. I always stuck by my Etude House and Skin79 BB creams, but this one has literally blown me away. The coverage is so good, and it lasts all day - luckily the colour she sent is perfect for me, so I'm really enjoying using this product for my everyday makeup^^

Buy here for just over £8 

Rimmel Scandeleyes Eyeliner

 At last a makeup product that isn't Korean>.< Personally I'm a liquid liner person because I'm better at using them, I keep practicing with gel but it never goes the way I want it to. I'm looking into buying the Dollywink felt tip liner because it looks so good, but in the meantime I just grabbed this one from Rimmel while I was at Boots. It's a lot better than I expected, the angled tip is quite unique and I really like it. The colour isn't that vibrant, but I like that because it looks kind of natural and not too harsh.

Buy here for around £5