Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Morning Veil Skincare Review

I hope you all enjoyed reading my Royal Gold Cosmetics review, now I'm writing about the other brand that I was sent by Rose Rose Shop. It's called Morning Veil, and just like the other one, I hadn't heard about it before. I'd really recommend you check it out though, the products are really awesome. Again, I'm pretty sure these aren't available yet on the site, but they have plans to stock them soon! Here's some more information and pictures for you, let me know what you think~ Thanks for reading! ^^

Morning Veil Revital Toner

First thing I want to say is that I am never buying another toner without the pump mechanism on top! It's such a genius idea, but I've never seen them on UK brands-_- It's so much better, and definitely worth spending a bit of extra money on a bigger size toner to get the pump. 
The claim for this toner is that it has seven effects: Cleans the pores, removes dead skin cells, 'arrange' the sebum, moisturuze the skin, refine skin tone, calm the skin and 'make the shine texture'. The English isn't perfect, but you get the idea. Before I received this product, I was using the Etude House Wonder Pore toner (which I love). I honestly can't see much difference between the two, except the scent is more pleasant on the Morning Veil one. It's a good quality toner, and feels very refreshing on the skin~ so I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new toner!

Morning Veil MasCream

I think this is my favourite product that I was sent by Rose Rose Shop, I've been using it at night for a couple of weeks and notice an immediate difference! You're supposed to apply it liberally, sleep, and then wash it off in the morning. It contains egg shell membrane which aids collagen production and elasticity in the skin.
The scent is nice, it's not too strong, just has a kind of fresh smell (basically it does not smell like eggs at all hehe). It has quite a runny consistency, and feels a little sticky when you apply it. Then it dries a bit and my skin feels really firm, like when you apply a mask. After using it, my skin feels really soft looks more glow-y than it did before. I liked this product a lot more than I thought I would, so I really hope that you get the chance to try it sometime!

Morning Veil Makeup Brush

This final product is this pretty brush, that I believe is used for foundation. I usually apply my BB cream or foundation with my fingers, but I do sometimes like to use brushes when I'm doing my makeup nicely. I'm not an expert on makeup brushes by any means, but this really is one of the nicest face brushes that I have tried. The bristles are soft, but not too bendy, and it applies product really well.

I hope that you enjoyed my posts, I don't do product reviews all that often, so hopefully it was informative and not too boring hehe^^ Let me know what you think in the comments(:

Monday, 13 January 2014

Royal Gold Cosmetics Review

Today I will be writing up my review on the Royal Gold products that were sent to me by Rose Rose Shop. I'd not heard of the brand before, but I was excited to try them out, because apparently they are becoming a bit of a trend in Korea. I've been using the products for about two weeks, and I honestly like them all! These products are not yet available on Rose Rose Shop's site, but they should be soon, so keep an eye out. I also have some products from Morning Veil to review, but that'll be a separate post.

Here's a look at each item in more detail, let me know if you've tried any of these before~ or what you think of the product(: Thanks for reading everyone!

Royal Gold Radiant Cream

One of the great things about this Royal Gold range is that the products suit all skin types. This cream claims to supply nutrition and elasticity to the skin, as well as caring for wrinkles. I personally like to use this cream in the mornings, it's quite light and absorbs really quickly into the skin. You may not be able to see from the picture, but it actually contains little flakes of gold! I don't know how much this helps the skin, but it looks so cool hehe^^ Of course I can't tell you if it works in the long term, but just before I started using it I developed a dry patch of skin on my forehead, but that's completely gone now. 

Royal Gold Radiant Serum

Next is the serum, which is also good for all skin types. It says it will supply elasticity, smooth your skin's texture and like the cream, care for wrinkles. I never really used a serum in my skincare routine before this, but I'm definitely going to keep using it. Again, sorry about the picture quality, but this serum actually sparkles due to the gold in it. It's not too sticky, and my skin does feel smooth after I apply this. You also get a lot of product in the tube, and you don't need much to cover your face~ so hopefully this can last me a long time.

Royal Gold Foundation

I'm really excited to share this with you all, since I struggle to find good foundations these days. This compact looks so elegant and expensive, and it's a good size to carry around. The foundation itself is really nice, it matches my skin very well (I'm quite pale, I think the shade I have is 001). The best thing about it is that it's long lasting, and it blends nicely too. I'm so happy to have this foundation in my collection, it makes a change from BB Creams when I want to go out somewhere nice(: 

Here's a scary sideways picture of me only wearing the foundation, no other concealer or makeup. I really like how it looks, it covers up any redness or blemishes I have very effectively.

There is also a video here you can watch for more information, though it's all in Korean, hopefully you can get the general message^^