Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tag ~ Shop My Stash

I was tagged by the lovely Laura from MuShii's cozy world to do the 'Shop My Stash' tag. It it basically going back through your beauty collection and finding the products that you stopped using for whatever reason ~ I thought that I wouldn't find anything because I use most of my makeup, but actually I was surprised when I found things that I forgot I had! I don't know how many people we're meant to tag, but I think that I will just tag anyone who reads this and wants to try, I think it's quite a good idea! ^-^ 

L'oreal Super Liners
 Considering I'm a regular liquid liner user, it's a little surprising for me to find some that I don't use! I think it's because I stick to the same products if I like them, but I will definitely try to start using these again because when I swatched them I saw how pretty they were. On the eyes they look mostly black but with a subtle colour in certain light. The green colour is called 'Emerald Black', the purple is 'Amethyst Black'.

Collection 2000 Lipstick
 This lipstick is in the colour 'Sugar Pink', and I think I bought it at a stage in my life when I didn't wear many lip products. However I found this buried under all my new lipsticks and glosses, since I wear them more now, I'm sure this rediscovered product will be in my makeup bag more often!

Stila Cream Blush
 I got this little pot of blush free when I bought a Stila foundation, and at the time I kind of pushed it aside because I was unfamiliar with cream blushes. I didn't have the heart to get rid of it, and I'm going to try it out a bit and try to get used to it. The colour is called 'Waterlily' and it didn't come out well on camera, but it is a very pretty colour on the cheeks.

Barry M Nail Polish
 I've worn this polish once before, it was during my winter formal event back in December ~ I wore it as an accent on my ring finger but for some reason that was the only time I used it. I don't usually accent my ring finger but sometimes I think a metallic colour like this one would look quite nice, so I'll have to go through and match it to some of my other nail paints.


  1. Omg i love the lipstick! I must have it lol :3
    Great post! i love all the item's.


  2. I love the lipstick and the blush *-* both colors looks really nice~! I think I will go through my make up box too to find the make up I abandoned. It's such a pity to threw them all away or never use them again :/ I think the metall nail polish would look cool with a nice blue :3 And you should write a review about the blush and the lipstick haha :D

    ♡ Mindy~

    1. Thank you for reading Mindy^^ I was surprised at the things that I haven't used for so long, but I can never bring myself to through things away! I actually wore the metallic paint with a pretty dark blue for my event, and it did look really nice~ so good call aha:P

      After I have used the products for a while I might write a review on some of them if I think it's worth it! ^-^ x

  3. The colours of the liners are gorgeous ! I've never seen them before !
    Thank you for the tag !

    1. I know, they look super pretty on brown eyes~ though I'm not sure why I bought those ones since I have blue eyes lol*-*

      You're welcome, thanks for tagging me in the first place^^ x