Monday, 1 July 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Yet again I find myself thanking Tina from the blog Be Bold Be Beautiful because she's has very kindly nominated me for the versatile blog award. I urge you to check out her blog, her posts are so informative and fun, plus she's a wonderful person as well ~ Again, thank you so much Tina! ^-^

The rules for this award are as follows:
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Nominate 15 bloggers you've recently discovered
4. Write down 7 facts about yourself

About Me:
~ Many of you know this already but I'm a massive Kpop fan, my favourite bands include SNSD, Infinite, 2ne1, B1A4, EXO and Bigbang - though I listen to loads of songs from other artists as well^^
~ I'm a little late on the bandwagon here but I've just started watching 'Gu Family Book' with Suzy and Lee Seunggi, I'm totally into it though, it seems like an amazing drama so far!
~ I often find myself hoarding various beauty products even if I hardly ever use them, especially eyeshadows...
~ I'm quite lazy when it comes to styling my hair, I love having curly hair but it's so boring and time consuming actually doing it*-*
~ I live in the countryside and as much as I love the space and beautiful landscape, I sometimes wish I lived somewhere with a bit more activity.
~ My dream job at the moment would be to work as a fashion journalist and travel the world.
~ I'm super thankful to all the lovely people who read and/or comment on my blog posts. I've met some awesome girls through blogging and I hope to stay connected to many of you in the future(:

My Nominations:
1. Laura from MuShii's cozy world
3. Chermaine from Chermaine Ho
4. Irisstar from Irisstar
5. Tram from Sweet Petitee
6. Lucy from Lucy's Blog
7. Tiffany from With Love, Tiffany
8. C. Rui Yi from LittleMiniPrincess
9. Kenzie from Kenzie Lupin
10. Bethany from Paige Of Fashion 
11. Kristina from Untitled... 
12. Nia from Nakoneko's Blog 
13. Mincho from  Weliveandstuff
14. Stephanie from Stephanie Angel
15. Gwen from Gwensternator


  1. Oh wow! Thank you for the nomination xD I still need to learn how to do these award things properly, but ill try my best!

    1. You're welcome, I love reading your blog! xx

  2. Oh, tu es étudie le français, c'est génial ça :)
    Biensur qu'on peut faire plus connaissance ma belle, y'a pas de souçi ;). Je suis très heureuse que tu sois passé sur mon blog! <3

    1. Ah merci ~ J'ai suivi votre blog, j'ai hâte de vous parler de l'avenir! ^-^ x

  3. Thank you so much Emily! That means a lot to me :D Really made my night. I'll try to get around to doing the post as soon as possible!


    1. You're welcome! Your blog is really inspiring and I think you deserve a lot more recognition^^ x

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  5. Oh my God thank you so much for the nomination my dear Emily! Sorry for the very late reply as i was busy working recently and i didn't check out my blog..I'm so grateful and this really made my day! Hehe i'm still new for this award so i'll learn and blog about this soon!
    Thank you and have a nice day! :3

    1. You're welcome Stephanie! Your blog is so cute and I love your posts, I'll look forwards to reading your post when you make one^u^ x

    2. Hi Emily! I just blogged about this, finally! :DDD
      Come and have a look! :)

  6. Thank you for the nomination, I went camping so I had no Internet access. When I'm done with the award, I'll let you know.

    1. You're welcome^^ I look forwards to reading your post(: x

  7. Thanks you so much for nominating me ♥