Friday, 18 January 2013

Textiles Project - 18th Century

Currently, I'm studying textiles at GCSE, hoping to continue with it in college at the end of this year. It's one of my favourite lessons, and of course a necessary subject for many jobs in the fashion industry. I've just wrapped up the project that contributes 60% towards my final grade - so it had to be good! The task was to choose one of the given themes and create a textiles piece inspired by research and designers from it. In the end I chose the theme 'Decades' but narrowed it down to the 1770's, when Marie Antoinette was queen of France and heavily influenced the fashion in that period.

The designer I was inspired by was Vivienne Westwood, specifically her 'Anglomania' collection. I decided to create an outfit with a traditional 18th century shape but using eccentric patterns and colours like those in Westwood garments. Here's the final product: (Sorry about the photo quality, it was dark when I finished)

The outfit consisted of a skirt, bolero and corset. The corset isn't included in these pictures because irritatingly, it didn't fit. I handed it in with my project and took a few photos where it was pinned in the back - but I kind of prefer the outfit without the corset.

 What do you guys think? It's taken me a long time to make, and it's the best thing I've made in textiles so far!


  1. This looks amazing I love it!

    Bethany Paige ( x

  2. Thank you! It required a lot of effort, but I think it was worth it(: x

  3. I like the wave effect it has! :D Kinda looks like a modernized take on the 18th century dresses. Awesome craftsmanship! :3

  4. Thank you - that's the look I was going for, so I guess it turned out right! ^-^ xx

  5. OMG I also wish to be studying fashion course too :D

  6. Its really fun, I guess you don't get the opportunity at your school/college?
    Thank you for following^-^ x

  7. Im still in high school, I'll be choosing fashion course when I get to college (: thank you for following too (: