Thursday, 3 January 2013

Soap and Glory gift set full review

Peaches and Cream Facial Cleanser - £6.00
This is one of my favourite products that came in the set - I'm using it every evening now. I like it because it's really refreshing but also it feels as though it works! I haven't felt a significant change in my skin (yet) but I feel as though all my makeup is removed and it's quite moisturising surprisingly! I would really recommend this facial cleanser!

Smoothie Star Body Milk - £10.00
I'm not so sure about this moisturiser. I love the smell, it's really pleasant and lingers for a long time after applying. However, I don't really like the feel of it on the skin, it's not as smooth as other creams and almost feels slightly sticky? I'm not sure how to describe it! Of course I will use it up, but I won't be repurchasing it.
The Righteous Butter Body Butter - £10.50
I prefer this body cream to the 'Smoothie Star' one. This body butter is so much more moisturising and smooth when you apply it, and the scent is pretty nice as well - I like to put this on before I go to sleep so that it can soak in all night!
Heel Genius Foot Cream - £5.50
Ok, the foot cream is one of the best products in the entire set - I've never tried anything like it! For soft feet in the summer, I used to put vaseline on them and then wear cotton socks while I sleep so in the morning they were softer. However, this cream works even better, after just one night my feet felt so nice - especially my heels! It needs to be applied as often as possible for best results, but I find it works well after one night.
Hand Food Hand Cream - £5.00
I had heard a lot about this product and I kept meaning to buy one of the mini travel tubes to sample, so when I recieved this in the set, I was quite excited to try it. Happily, the cream lived up to my expectations, it feels nice, doesn't stay on the skins surface for too long and smells good as well! I might actually get some of the smaller versions so that I can carry it around in my bags because this tube is a bit big for that - good to keep in my bedroom though.
Thick and Fast Mascara - £10.00
I'll admit I already had one of these mascaras. But that was ok because it's my everyday mascara, and I'll surely be needing a new one soon! I use this almost everyday and it's one of the best mascaras I have found from the drugstore. It doesn't really clump and makes my lashes look very thick and pretty.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss - £9.00
I'm not really a lipgloss fan. I have many, but I don't wear them and I never buy them myself - all the lipgloss I own has been given as a gift. And here's another one to add! However, saying that, I thought I might like this one because it's supposed to be plumping and I was drawn in by that. I didn't like it. It tastes pretty gross and the tingling feeling isn't very fun either. I thought I'd stick it out though and see if it worked in the end. It didn't make any difference at all. Bit of a disappointment really...

Clean on Me Shower Gel - £5.50
The shower gel was my least favourite product that was in the set. I was quite disappointed really, I thought it'd be similar to the other products, but it was nothing special at all. The smell is ok, there is not really a fragrance, it just smells like nothing... Overall, this is just like an ordinary boring shower gel, and I prefer fruity and nice smelling gels.
Sugar Crush Body Scrub - £8.00
I really love this. It feels amazing on the skin, it's exfoliating but it isn't too scratchy like some which irritate my skin. The scent straight from the tub is very sickly and overwhelming, but taking little handfuls makes it smell really sweet and pleasant. My skin feels nice and soft afterwards, and I would really recommend this to anyone!

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