Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: MUA Lipsticks

I don't how many other girls that read this will relate, but I'm sure some of you will(: I'm 15, I don't have a job, and I don't have an allowance. So naturally, I don't have much money to spend on makeup, especially if it isn't a necessity like a new lipstick or an eyeshadow. Because of this, if I come across any cheap makeup, I often try it out, and more than once have ended up going back and purchasing multiple products from that brand.

So today I would like to tell you about MUA - which stands for 'Make-Up Academy'. I have two of their lipsticks that I've been testing, which cost just £1 each, like a lot of their other products. Granted, it's a total steal for a lipstick, but we're all dubious about super inexpensive makeup, right?

Juicy - I'll be honest, I did not like this colour at all when I first put it on my lips. It was too bright and looked ridiculous, but I did try it on again recently but with a light pink lipgloss over the top, and let me tell you, it made a world of difference! I don't know why but the colour instantly became more wearable once it was dulled down a little, so after a little experimenting, I realised I do really like this colour.
Bare - The picture above isn't completely true to colour, on the lips, bare is a dark nude colour. I love it a lot and it literally goes with any makeup and any outfit!

There are a few negatives with these lipsticks, but I expected that. After long periods of time, they can become a little drying, and the do smudge/feather. I tried a lip liner underneath, and it helped it stay on longer, but still not that long... unless you take it with you for touch-ups(:

Overall, I do like this product, and for £1, they're perfect for experimenting with new shades or just chucking in a bag before a day out. I totally recommend you check it out, MUA is sold in most Superdrugs.

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