Monday, 20 August 2012

L'Oreal Miss Candy Manicure

I was recently inspired by this makeup advertisement from L'Oreal. It's for their Miss Candy collection, and features fun pastel colours. The part that interested me was the nail polish look on some of the posters. Here's a picture, and my attempt at re-creating this look (I warn you, it is not that great).

 I think the name for this look is a 'half-moon manicure' and I've always liked them but this colour combination is so pretty! I thought I'd just try out the technique for myself, but I couldn't do it as well, especially seeing as it wasn't on false nails.

In my opinion, this isn't that bad, from a distance it looks quite neat and pretty. However up close you can see that it's not like that at all! I used sticky tape circles to do it, but even after getting rid of a lot of stickiness, the circles still took off some of the paint.

This is only a first attempt, I'll be trying this again, with other colours and techniques until I can perfect it(: x


  1. Ohhh.. That's how you do the circle's on your nail's!!! The little stickers!!! I like never new this!! Yea! I'm gonna go do my nails like that now...
    xoxo anna

  2. always tired to do the half moon nails, never worked out, yours look wonderful
    - oa