Friday, 24 August 2012

If The Shoe Fits...

I didn't intend to buy them, I didn't plan on wearing them a lot and I certainly didn't need them. But I still bought them .

I'm sure every girl has been in a similar situation. Luckily for me, it wasn't an expensive one. Here's the story, I'll try to keep it short.

I first saw this wonderful pair of shoes on a blog, can't remember which, but I liked them a lot. Then I discovered they were from Primark, not some irritatingly expensive shop. So I set off on my quest to get them, to find them at only £16.00! But not in my size... I was heartbroken.

A month later I was out shopping with a few friends and we went into Primark, by this time I'd completely forgotten about the shoes. However, I walked past the shoes and saw one lonely pair on the stand so I pointed them out to my friend and told her how much I liked them. She picked them up and said "buy them then, they're only £6". I held my breath as I looked at the label, they were IN MY SIZE. Best. Day. Ever. The only pair in the shop as well, lucky or what?

So happy.

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  1. Those are soo cute! It's kinda like how I found my... wait I can't tell you that because then it would ruin my blog post next week... But anyways, so cute!!!
    xoxo anna