Friday, 18 May 2012


I've been a bit stuck for ideas lately because I want to keep posting, but have nothing interesting currently happening in my life because of exams and revision. boohoo. So I've decided to just talk about my current favourite cosmetics, clothes and accessories because why not. Hopefully, I am going to do 3 items each day (from each category) and I've come up with a list of things I would like to show.

1.Mascara 2.Lipstick 3.Eyeshadow 4.Nail Polish 5.Foundation 6.Eyeliner 7.Lipgloss 8.Blush 9.Powder 10.Perfume

1.Dress 2.T-Shirt 3.Skirt 4.Trousers 5.Shirt 6.Jacket/Coat 7.Jumper/Cardigan 8.Shorts 9.Other Top 10.Hoodie

1.Heels 2.Flats 3.Boots 4.Scarf 5.Necklace 6.Bag 7.Bracelet 8.Hat 9.Belt 10.Earrings

So yeah, that's my schedule. Starting tomorrow. I hope I actually can finish this(:

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