Sunday, 27 May 2012

Powder, Top and Belt

Top - Sainsburys
 Yes, I will buy clothing from my supermarket and not care. I like this top because it was the first car print top that I found after Prada came out with their design which was very similar. It's very sheer, but it is very cute on and can be dressed up or down in my opinion.
Belt - River Island
 I don't wear belts very often so I hardly have any, this is my most worn one. It goes with everything and it has one of the loops that hold the loose end part. I hate it when a belt doesn't have one of those. I use hairbands is similar colours instead.

Powder - Collection 2000
Oh yeah, you guessed it, it's Collection 2000 again! This thing has lasted me absoulutly ages and I use it nearly every day. It's very good at setting foundation, but also for making my face less shiny because I get quite an oily T-Zone most days:(

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