Monday, 28 May 2012

Perfume, Hoodie and Earrings

Hoodie - David and Goliath
 I wanted a hoodie from David and Goliath for ages, I have a few T-shirts but I felt like I needed a big comfy hoodie. This one I got on sale for christmas from my aunt and uncle, it was £20 reduced from £30. I love the design on the front, it's adorable! But I also think this is the most comfy piece of clothing that I own and is perfect for lazy days at home or a friends house(:
Perfume - Vera Wang Princess
 I currently only have a little sample bottle, but I'm trying to use it very sparingly because it's nearly gone. The full sized is quite expensive and I can't afford it, so I plan to wait until my next birthday and ask for it as a present. But this is my favourite scent, it's very girly and not to heavy. "Radiant and whimsical... A charming, fruity vanilla." Sounds about right.

Earrings -
How awesome are these?! I bought these at the Clothes Show Live in 2010. I haven't worn them much, but when I have I get a lot of attention from these suckers. They were fairly inexpensive and are just a fun, unusual piece of jewellery that I like to have in my collection.

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