Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mascara, Dress and Heels.

Dress - Warehouse
 This is my current favourite dress in my wardrobe, I bought it last summer but I still love it so much! It's very easy to wear and I don't need to wear loads of make up or jewellery with it(: It's not quite warm enough in the UK for me to start wearing this again, but I hope the sun comes out soon.

Heels - Next
 I bought these shoes quite recently and haven't worn them out yet, I'm not used to walking in heels yet so I hope they're fairly comfy. But anyway, I love the colour, it goes with so much and I know it isn't visible, but the inside is so cute.

Mascara - Soap and Glory
I was so excited when Soap and Glory launched a make up line, however I was a bit bummed because I really wanted to try it, but the prices were quite high for me so I wasn't sure (in case they weren't great). You can imagine how happy I was when, I got a Thick and Fast mascara in an issue of Elle magazine for free! I now use this every day and am looking to buy the blush and the eyeliner from them next(:

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