Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lipstick, T-Shirt and Flats

Flats - Quiz
 These shoes are also fairly new and I think I may have discovered a new love for nude shoes! These flats are awesome because they are super comfy, but are also super pretty and girly(: I do have other flats that I wear more often, but I feel like these are my nicest pair.
Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick - Shade 01
 Okay, granted, I hardly every wear bright red lipstick. But when I do, I want to feel special and this lipstick does just the trick. I think it really complements my skin tone, and is also quite long lasting whilst feeling nice when I put it on (it isn't too drying or anything).

T-Shirt - Goodie Two Sleeves
I bought this adorable T-shirt when I was at the Clothes Show at the NEC last year. It was a stall, and I'm not 100% where you can buy it, but the tag said 'Goodie Two Sleeves' so I guess they have a website. But yeah, I love this T-shirt because it's so cute and casual and if I wear it out, people I know always stop me and say they love it(:

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