Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Haul

It's been a while. I have been in and dated with schoolwork and exams, but I think I'm on a bit of a break over christmas so I thought I'd try and get back into posting regularly again. Once a week if possible. I'd like to do a post about my textiles coursework that I'm in the middle of, but I have to finish it first!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas, I don't know why but this year, I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. However, I did have a nice relaxing day at home with family, and I recieved some lovely presents as well, which I thought I would share online.

Cath Kidston Manicure Set
This cute little gift set comes with some hand cream, hand scrub, cuticle cream and an nail file. All the products are Blossom scented (except for the file of course!) and the smell is super fresh and flowery, plus the packaging is really pretty as well. I've tried the handcream and it feels very moisturising - I think I'll be keeping it in my bag from now on(:

Fairisle Pajamas - Marks and Spencers
Oh my goodness I can't even begin to explain how cosy these pajamas are! I think they're made of fleece and they keep you so so warm and comfortable, it's like heaven. It came with a plain with top as well, but I thought I'd just show the bottoms because they're so cute. The little reindeers make it feel christmas-y but not so much that I wouldn't wear them throughout the year. Trust me, I will be!

Soap and Glory gift set
 This is a monster present. £75 worth of full sized Soap and Glory goodies in a big travel bag. I was pretty shocked at how much of it there was, but Mum told me later that she only paid £27 for all of it. If they still have any in Boots, I urge you to grab one before they all go because this is incredible value. I have tried a few of the products already, but I think I'll wait until I've sampled them all before posting a full review.

DC Comic Collection - Converse
This is what I was waiting for. I knew I had to have a pair of these as soon as a set eyes on them in October. It was the only present I really asked for and I'm so glad that I did. I will live and die in these babies. One thing that I am a bit obessesed with at the moment is Superheroes. I always loved watching the movies but then I started liking things with Superheroes on them - specifically fashion stuff.
Being Converse and all, these shoes are well fitting, sturdy and very comfortable. So even if you are not after a Batman pair, I really recommend buying a pair if you're looking for trainers/hightops. These only cost £50 so I'm sure you could get cheaper styles or patterns!

Thank you for reading, and hopefully I'll be posting again soon, I think I'll make a brainstorm of ideas.

Friday, 7 December 2012


I'm doing a project in Citizenship all about fashion and replicating designer products. I neeeeeed people to answer a survey, and I thought I would find more fashion-savvy people with a blog than at school. I'd appreciate it so so much if you could take just 2minutes (it's really not very long) to fill it out(:

Thank You so much(: xxxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012!

I am so excited. I can't even tell you. My birthday is the 2nd of December, which is this Sunday. Instead of presents I have asked my parents to buy me tickets to go to the Clothes Show Live at the NEC with my two friends. I went twice before, but that was with school and they aren't offering it to my year this time.
So on Saturday the 8th of December, I get to go! The only difference this year from the last two is the fact that I have PLATIMUN TICKETS, so closer to the runway - Aaaaah!
I just needed to let all that out, so I thought I'd post about it. Here's some pictures from last years, from their website(;

BB from Dirty, Sexy things Came to model:D

George Lamb and Grace Woodward were the hosts!

One of the coolest outfits in my opinion - Leggings!

There were loads of scenes and concepts, something for everyone:P

Yup. Lingerie. Don't mind if I do...
Have you been before, or are you coming along this year?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lolita Fashion at the V&A

Because I was in London this weekend, I visited the V&A museum, primarily to collect research for a textiles project on the 18th century. However, on the evening that I was going, there was a special event featuring Japanese lolita fashion. If you've seen many of my previous posts, you might know that I adore Japanese/Korean fashion and take a lot of inspiration from celebrities and designers from there.

There were many events taking place: Nail bars, a wig bar, Lashes and Lips by Shu Uemura, Photo Booths, Jewellery making, Talks, Music and live link ups with Paris. In my opinion though, the best part was that many Lolita girls came along, all dressed up to pose for pictures and show off their outfits, I could have just sat and watched them all for the entire time! Here are some of the pictures that I took, at first I was scared to ask the girls for photographs so some of the outfits are just shown from the back:L

Such an adorable dress!

I love her hair, and the colour of the dress.

Tiiigggghhhtttss! :O

Beautiful hair, and her shoes!

The girl looks like Lady Gaga and the guy reminds me of Jack Sparrow:L

I love how chuffed that guy looks with himself.

So cute!

My overall favourite outfit, I love it!

Her teeny hat is so cute ^-^

Friday, 24 August 2012

If The Shoe Fits...

I didn't intend to buy them, I didn't plan on wearing them a lot and I certainly didn't need them. But I still bought them .

I'm sure every girl has been in a similar situation. Luckily for me, it wasn't an expensive one. Here's the story, I'll try to keep it short.

I first saw this wonderful pair of shoes on a blog, can't remember which, but I liked them a lot. Then I discovered they were from Primark, not some irritatingly expensive shop. So I set off on my quest to get them, to find them at only £16.00! But not in my size... I was heartbroken.

A month later I was out shopping with a few friends and we went into Primark, by this time I'd completely forgotten about the shoes. However, I walked past the shoes and saw one lonely pair on the stand so I pointed them out to my friend and told her how much I liked them. She picked them up and said "buy them then, they're only £6". I held my breath as I looked at the label, they were IN MY SIZE. Best. Day. Ever. The only pair in the shop as well, lucky or what?

So happy.

Monday, 20 August 2012

L'Oreal Miss Candy Manicure

I was recently inspired by this makeup advertisement from L'Oreal. It's for their Miss Candy collection, and features fun pastel colours. The part that interested me was the nail polish look on some of the posters. Here's a picture, and my attempt at re-creating this look (I warn you, it is not that great).

 I think the name for this look is a 'half-moon manicure' and I've always liked them but this colour combination is so pretty! I thought I'd just try out the technique for myself, but I couldn't do it as well, especially seeing as it wasn't on false nails.

In my opinion, this isn't that bad, from a distance it looks quite neat and pretty. However up close you can see that it's not like that at all! I used sticky tape circles to do it, but even after getting rid of a lot of stickiness, the circles still took off some of the paint.

This is only a first attempt, I'll be trying this again, with other colours and techniques until I can perfect it(: x

Monday, 13 August 2012

Review: MUA Lipsticks

I don't how many other girls that read this will relate, but I'm sure some of you will(: I'm 15, I don't have a job, and I don't have an allowance. So naturally, I don't have much money to spend on makeup, especially if it isn't a necessity like a new lipstick or an eyeshadow. Because of this, if I come across any cheap makeup, I often try it out, and more than once have ended up going back and purchasing multiple products from that brand.

So today I would like to tell you about MUA - which stands for 'Make-Up Academy'. I have two of their lipsticks that I've been testing, which cost just £1 each, like a lot of their other products. Granted, it's a total steal for a lipstick, but we're all dubious about super inexpensive makeup, right?

Juicy - I'll be honest, I did not like this colour at all when I first put it on my lips. It was too bright and looked ridiculous, but I did try it on again recently but with a light pink lipgloss over the top, and let me tell you, it made a world of difference! I don't know why but the colour instantly became more wearable once it was dulled down a little, so after a little experimenting, I realised I do really like this colour.
Bare - The picture above isn't completely true to colour, on the lips, bare is a dark nude colour. I love it a lot and it literally goes with any makeup and any outfit!

There are a few negatives with these lipsticks, but I expected that. After long periods of time, they can become a little drying, and the do smudge/feather. I tried a lip liner underneath, and it helped it stay on longer, but still not that long... unless you take it with you for touch-ups(:

Overall, I do like this product, and for £1, they're perfect for experimenting with new shades or just chucking in a bag before a day out. I totally recommend you check it out, MUA is sold in most Superdrugs.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Small Beauty Haul

Here are a few things that I have picked up on a recent shopping trip, it's not a lot, and I decided to write this post 2 weeks after purchasing these items so that I had the chance to use them first before making a judgement(: Let me know if you have any of the products below, and what you think of them:D x

Collection 2000 Lipstick - Sugar Pink
 I was dubious about this lipstick when I first bought it, mainly because it was pretty cheap and I've had bad experiences with inexpensive makeup. Also I don't like the packaging of this at all, it looks tacky and cheap. However, the actual product is pretty good. I really like the colour, a nice bright pink with a hint of shimmer, it also lasts quite a long time and doesn't dry out your lips. Overall, I'd give it a 7/10.

Miss Sporty Nail Polish - Pop Fiction
 Now this is the product that I was most excited about! I shouldn't really buy any more nail polish but I love love love this colour, it's a gorgeous electric blue and I just couldn't resist. It was pretty inexpensive but again, suprisingly good quality, taking only 2 coats to get the colour opaque. I would really recommend this product, as long as you like bright nail polish!

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lip Treatmeant
 So recently I've had a major problem with chapped lips. I don't know what caused it but I was trying all my lip balms but nothing was getting rid of it. I bought this lip treatment because my mum recommended it, and it really really worked! It got rid of the soreness, the redness and the peeling skin (bleurgh, gross I know!) within a week of using it. It also felt really nice on and didn't affect application of lipstick/lipgloss.

Simple - Facial Toner
 I never used to use toner, but I'd heard that it was a good idea, so I thought I'd try it. As you can kind of tell from the picture, I've used over a quarter of the bottle already, and I really like it! It feels great on my skin, it is very gentle but I feels like it does make a difference. My skin feels smoother and looks more radiant - plus I've not had a single spot/blemish since using it!
17 Eyeshadow - Broken Hearted
I originally just wanted a silver eyeshadow when I went to buy this, but ended up finding this trio. The silver in it is just what I wanted, but I also really like the dark green colour. It was pretty cheap but the colours seem very pigmented and shimmery. I didn't look at the other colours there but I'm pretty sure that I will!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Seaweed Green Dip Dye

Ok, I know dip dying has become really popular recently, but I have always wanted to try it. My original plan was to go a pretty lavender colour, so I told only my few close friends that I was thinking about that so that it'd be a suprise for everyone else! However, my best friend went and did excatly what I said I wanted to do straight after I'd told her... -_- ... Anyway, I had to change the colour which I was annoyed about but hey, life goes on right?

My mum insisted that I go to the hair dressers and not do it myself, which is probably for the best to be honest! The process took about two and a half hours but I love how my hair turned out!

I'd describe the colour as Emerald/Jade/Seaweed green!

What do you guys think of my new green, dip dyed hair then? Please let me know!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nail Design : Paint Splats

 Ahhh my lastest nail experiment. I like how this turned out, and it was very easy to do, even on my right hand! I used Collection 2000 French White as a base colour and then created a blob of colour with a nail art pen. Then I used the tip (you could use a cocktail stick) to drag out the colour and make them look like little paints splats. I've used 4 colours in each corner but you could use less, if you have smaller nails or something(: Please let me know what you think of this design, I have some more ideas but you'll have to wait a bit for those! xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Current Accessories Wishlist!

1. Croc Trim Bow Bag - Topshop
2. Spiked Platform Wedge Sandal - Pilot
3. Cross Cut Out Earrings - Dorothy Perkins
4. Dip Dye Spike Necklace - Topshop
5. Beige Floral Cut Out Pumps - Debenhams
6. Scallop Edge Satchel - Asos

Monday, 2 July 2012

Current Make-Up Wishlist!

 1. Benefit Blush - Hervana
2. Mac Lipstick - Ramblin' Rose
3. Pixi Highlighter - Tinkerbell Fairy Dust
5. Too Faced - Bronzed and Beautiful
6. Lancome - Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
7. Topshop Nail Paint - Ice Crush and Celestial
8. Revlon Lip Butter - Sugar Frosting
9. Essie Nail Polish - (Not sure of the colour)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Review: Benefit Perfumes

I'm not a big perfume person, and I prefer to wear body sprays mosy days, especially at school. However, if I go out, or I want to feel nice, I have a few perfumes that I can choose from though I did not buy any of them myself (I have a few samples but most were gifts).

For christmas a year or two ago, my mum bought me  set of the 'Crescent lane' perfumes from Benefit. They are the minature ones, yet they last me FOREVER. I thought I'd do a little post for anyone who is interested, I know Benefit can be expensive, especially for people such as myself who can't justify spending a huge amount of money on one beauty item! x

They just look so pretty together!

Lookin' To Rock Rita
I find this smell quite fresh and light, personally I wear it as a day scent but you could wear it at night. This isn't my favourite, but I still think it has a very pleasant smell and would recommend that you try it for yourself. The actual description says:
"Top notes are amalfi lemon and freesia; middle notes are violet and fig; base notes are sandalwood, vanille and coconut."
Garden Of Good Eva
I always take this perfume with me to school, I use it when I want to feel a bit nicer or after doing sports of something like that. This scent is gorgeous, it's very floral and girly. I would like to get the full sized version of this, but it's fairly expensive and I need to use up the other Benefit mini perfumes before I get a full sized one. Again, the actual description is:
"Top notes are lily-of-the-valley, melon and pear; middle notes are jasmine, freesia, rose, violet leaf and lily; base notes are sandalwood, oak moss and virginia cedar."

Laugh With Me Lee Lee
This is proabably my least used and least favourite perfume out of the four, but it is still a nice smell that I would happily wear. Although personally, I find that this scent is very light and does not last very long so will need to be re-applied every so often. You may like this scent a lot but I think Benefit may have replaced this one in the sample set, so you might HAVE to get the full sized one...
"floral-woody fragrance, which incorporates notes of currant leaves and buds, melon, citruses, black violet, lily, jasmine, blond wood, amber and sandalwood, representing aromas of English garden."

So Hooked On Carmella
This is the scent that I like the most. It's such a gorgeous smell and it is very feminine, so perfect for any nights out or special occasions. I really love to wear it and would really recommend checking this out if you like sweet, kind of sophistictaed perfume.
"Top notes are grapefruit and amalfi lemon; middle notes are tiare flower, peony and cyclamen; base notes are sandalwood, amber and vanille."

 If you are a perfume person and you haven't looked at these yet, I think you really should! Check Denners, Debenhams, some Boots stores or House of Fraser and if you ask, I'm sure they'll allow you to sample it.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Angry Birds Nails!

The finished product!

This nail design was inspired by a youtuber called "Cutepolish". Mine is not exactly the same, but I think it's quite cute anyway, and not too bad for a first attempt. I think I prefer the little piggy because he's a bit neater and easier to do.

I've only done these two fingers and it took me so long! No way I could do all my nails, but they could maybe work as an accent nail? Though it's be hard to paint it on with my left hand!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mini Beauty Haul

I didn't buy much, but I'm very happy with these products.
I recently went out shopping with my friend, I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I ended up buying these make up items that I'd thought I would share my opinions on. I really appriciate any comments, let me know if you have any of these items, and what you think of them!
Stila Foundation - Shade a
 I bought this foundation in Tk Maxx, I don't normally shop there but I recently discovered they have an extremely good beauty section with very good brands for very low prices. I spent ages looking around and then I came across a bunch of Stila make up, so I picked up a set of three items (The other two are below). However the reason I bought the set was because of this foundation. I've been looking for a good foundation and this one is perfect for my skin tone. Seeing as I'm quite pale naturally I struggle to find a light foundation but this is perfect. I recommend this but it is quite expensive, amazingly in Tk Maxx I got the whole set of three products for £10, when the RRP was actually £42!

Stila Rouge Pot - Waterlily
 I only really bought the Stila make up set for the foundation, but I really like this product after buying it. The pot contains a small amount of what they call 'cheek mousse'. The colour is actually very pretty and blends quite well. I do plan on using this, and for the price I got it, you can't go wrong really.

Stila Perfecting Foundation Stick - Shade 07
This is the third and final item in my Stila set, I didn't really want it but I had to have it anyway. It's what it says it is, a stick of foundation. However it isn't my shade at all, it is quite dark. Personally I don't see the logic behind having a very pale foundation and a dark one in the same set, but maybe that's why it's so cheap. I don't mind really, hopefully if I tan a lot in the summer I can use it or I'll see if my mum can use it.

Collection 2000 Nail Polish - Mint Mojo
 I've raved about these nail polishes before, and whenever I'm make up shopping I cannot resist picking up one for only £1.79. I picked this mint one because I don't own any mint nail polishes and it was the nicest one they had there. By the way, I have been looking for the Collection 2000 nail polish called 'Dynasty' but I can't seem to find it in my drugstores. If you know why or where I can get some, please let me know!

Natural Collection Bronzer - Golden Glow
Just a basic item really, but I really needed a new bronzer. I don't wear it much but I like to have some, especially in the summer. This one only cost me about £2 but it does the job pretty well, and there's no point in me spending a lot of money on a really good bronzer to be honest.

Monday, 28 May 2012


I finally finished my whole list of favourites! I managed to do one every day which was awesome and I think I've now got a sufficient starting point for this blog(: If you're a new blogger like I am then I recommend a mini-project like that if you're stuck for ideas.

Some of my favourite products have actually started to change whilst doing this, because I've been shopping and bought some new bits and pieces that I've tried and love. I'll do a little haul post sometime to show all that, but I've had a few ideas for future posts whilst posting every day, which is another benefit I guess.

Thank you if you actually read any or all of the posts that I made up, or even if you just looked at the pictures! Feel free to comment on anything and give me ideas/improvements I could make.

Peace out.

Perfume, Hoodie and Earrings

Hoodie - David and Goliath
 I wanted a hoodie from David and Goliath for ages, I have a few T-shirts but I felt like I needed a big comfy hoodie. This one I got on sale for christmas from my aunt and uncle, it was £20 reduced from £30. I love the design on the front, it's adorable! But I also think this is the most comfy piece of clothing that I own and is perfect for lazy days at home or a friends house(:
Perfume - Vera Wang Princess
 I currently only have a little sample bottle, but I'm trying to use it very sparingly because it's nearly gone. The full sized is quite expensive and I can't afford it, so I plan to wait until my next birthday and ask for it as a present. But this is my favourite scent, it's very girly and not to heavy. "Radiant and whimsical... A charming, fruity vanilla." Sounds about right.

Earrings -
How awesome are these?! I bought these at the Clothes Show Live in 2010. I haven't worn them much, but when I have I get a lot of attention from these suckers. They were fairly inexpensive and are just a fun, unusual piece of jewellery that I like to have in my collection.